Sunday, July 12, 2009


Attention: All solja boys, kid cuddi, surf&swag, fast radio jam, to catch a dollar with soft ryhmes. Time to get a rude awakening, let me introduce you to Nas. Nyc state of minds best, Ya Ya! I hear you know, but wait VA Jay runs new york. Ha get out of here with that, What happened to Dame man, What happened when Kanye was making beats for Cam'? (games in the, world is mine.) Hut hummm... Now everytime i turn on the radio i turn that dial straight back off. There is nothing to offer anymore in Hip Hop, Same ol' same. Boring me to death, Asher Roth really? I mean really? Who let that in? I love college, sorry for the hate, but its time to regulate rap, Democrats are in office , lets delegate

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