Friday, July 10, 2009


Bill's to Dui thrill's, Smith cant seem to catch a break these last couple of months. After his DUI conviction he is now not going to be honored in VA Beach. His conviction seems to override his performance and hard work throughout his entire life, its funny how one mistake can put you in the gutter. I mean he is a hall of famer, give him a break! Plus look at all the good he has done as a Virginia beach resident. Personally i dont think his DUI should influence him being honored at all. If anything it proves that he is human, this dui shouldn't be brought up in the first place anyways. Just like Iverson said the other day, noone seems to see what you do good for you community only the bad is what is seen. Its sad and the media likes to make people beleive that when a person gets caught for doing something wrong that they are a horrible person. Even more so people are actually so dumb that they actually beleive everything they see on t.v. News can be taken out of context sometimes, its a report, a journalist is taking time to make you interested in a certain topic, to draw you in. So of course they have to bash or make someone seem like the walking anti-christ. It will get them more hits or more publicity for their big break. Solid facts is what we need as a generation and dont get caught up in the stupidity of media.

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